The president oversees the coalition as a whole and steers the coalition. The president runs general body meetings and creates committee assignments each week. The president makes sure we are headed in the right direction, meeting our goals, and staying on track. 

The Civic Engagement Team conducts candidate research about local and state politicians, including what initiatives they are supporting and if their actions align with our mission. This team also looks for local happenings and engage in lobbying at the state level. 

The Longevity Team creates detailed plans for future initiatives, spearheads our coalition's bonding efforts, and helps draft long-term plans to keep the momentum of our coalition moving forward.

The Communications Team created and now maintains our coalitions social media platforms and is responsible for engaging with other local activists and media accounts to expand our platforms reach.

Our Community Outreach Team collaborates with existing community organizations and spearheads partnerships between other organizations across Fairfield County and Connecticut.

Our Graphics Team Creates all of our graphics that we post sticking to our brand guidelines.

Our Research Team researches everything for our social media posts and campaigns. They work closely with the Graphics Team to make sure that accurate information is included in our posts.

Our Arts & Communications Team focuses on projects around many different forms of art. (Music, Murals, Etc.) They work in conjunction with the Fairfield Equity Project.

Our Recruitment Team recruits new members, both current students and alumni of FPS.

Our Social Media Team manages our social media outlets along with keeping our website running and up to date.

The Writing and Analysis Team creates and assists with the process of research and development of projects. They collect and analyze data and research policy at a local and national level.

Our Editorial Team works to write all of our formal documents including our reports and newsletters.

Our Data Team is responsible for creating and analyzing surveys in order to incorporate the experiences of our community into our work.

Our Policy Team researches inequity in our community, school, and town. They look at previous and current equity-related initiatives in our town, and potential barriers to reform.