Frequently asked questions

How do I get involved with the Fairfield Equity Coalition?

There are so many ways to get involved! You can check out our Get Involved section here on our website, or email us! Although the premise of our coalition is that we are youth-led, we are eager to collaborate with other community members.

How do I remain updated on projects and news shared by the Fairfield Equity Coalition?

Click here and submit your email address. We publish bi-weekly newsletters that get sent out on Monday with a coalition update, local happenings, and more!

Can I view previous Newsletters?

You can view all of our past newsletters HERE.

Who can become a member of FEC? What is the time commitment?

Any current and past Fairfield Public School students are able to join FEC. The time commitment is up to you but, we ask that you dedicate at least one hour per week to the coalition. When working on a project, the time requirements may differ.

How do I share my ideas with FEC, even if I'm not directly involved?

We would love to hear what ideas you have for our coalition! Check out our idea submission form here or email us directly at

What sort of work does FEC actually do?

The Fairfield Equity Coalition takes a multifaceted approach to dealing with inequity both in schools and in the community. Our biggest project so far is our "Promoting Anti-Racism and Racial Equity in Fairfield Public Schools Report."

Does the Fairfield Equity Coalition only focus on anti-racism in FPS?

NO! As of now that is our main focus however, we plan on branching out into other issues involving minority groups and racially profiled groups in FPS.