Promoting Anti-Racism and Racial Equity in Fairfield Public Schools Report

Board of Education Presentation

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10 Actionable Changes 

Our 10 actionable changes provide an outline for our "Promoting Anti-Racism and Racial Equity in Fairfield Public Schools" report. 

Full Length Report 

Our full length report outlines our 10 actionable changes that detail a wide array of educational reforms focused on racial equity, from curriculum improvements to changing disciplinary practices. 

Report at-a-glance 

Our report at-a-glance is a quick summary of our full length report which outlines our 10 actionable changes. Take a look for a quick read.

Survey Responses from FPS Staff and Students 

The following spreadsheets contain all of the survey responses that were collected and have been analyzed by our team. This data is also embedded in our report above. 

Local Supporters and Collaborators 

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Frequently asked questions

When was the report presented to the Board of Education?

Our president and Editorial Executive member presented the report to the Board of Education on January 7th 2021 at a special session meeting.

What does the report contain?

The report consists of 10 actionable changes that outline broad reforms to promote anti-racism and racial equity in FPS. In the report, we have both quantitative and qualitative data collected by FEC, from both current and former students and the faculty and staff of FPS. Our recommendations are primarily shaped by the perspectives of the FPS community itself and are substantiated by an intensive exploration of the leading academic research on racial equity in education. The report and its presentation to the BOE are meant to be the beginning of a long, complex, and important process of reform in the Fairfield Public School System.

How many people worked on the report?

We had almost 100 members working weekly over the summer of 2020 on the FPS report. We also had many community collaborators (eg. teachers, Politicians, and community members) providing us with information and their perspective.

What are the next steps for FEC after the release of this report?

After we release the report, we want to ensure we listen to feedback and begin a conversation with the community. We want to make sure our actionable changes have a plan and get executed. We will work closely with the Board of Education and community leaders to make progress towards Equity in the Fairfield Public Schools.

How was the data collected for the report?

The student survey was sent out through social media platforms and the teacher and staff survey was approved by the Board of Education and sent out through the superintendent.

How were the 10 actionable changes developed?

In the Summer of 2020, a student and teacher/staff survery was sent out to the public and got over 400+ responses. This had no intention of developing a 100+ page report but, with the intentions and motivations from community and FEC members, it was possible. From the common themes in the responses, we were able to develop 10 actioanable changes.