Our Team

The Fairfield Equity Coalition is made up of current Fairfield Public School students and alumni of the Fairfield Public Schools. We work alongside the leaders, parents, teachers and community members to achieve equity in Fairfield. 

We support artists, organizations, leaders, students, and the community around us that advocate and promote Anti-Racism, and equity within the schools and community. Our mission is to educate and promote a more inclusive and equitable community for everyone. 


Fairfield Equity Coalition President 

The president oversees the coalition as a whole and steers the coalition. The president runs general body meetings and creates committee assignments each week. The president makes sure we are headed in the right direction, meeting our goals, and staying on track. 

Lynnaija Brevard grew up in Fairfield and graduated Fairfield Warde High School in 2019. She was one of the founders of the Achievement Gap Task Force at Warde now known as Warde Voices for Equity. She is the president of the coalition and is the co-chair of the Anti-Racism Steering Committee for the Fairfield Public Schools. She attends The University of Phoenix and is majoring in the arts of criminal justice.