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About Us

The Fairfield Equity Coalition is made up of alumni and current students of the Fairfield Public Schools. We work alongside the leaders, parents, teachers and community members to achieve equity in Fairfield.

We support artists, organizations, leaders, students, and the community around us that advocate and promote Anti-Racism, and equity within the schools and community. Our mission is to educate and promote a more inclusive and equitable community for all. 

Lynnaija Brevard

President, Fairfield Equity Coalition

Lynnaija grew up in Fairfield and graduated Fairfield Warde High School in 2019. As the president of the coalition, she oversees all of the operations of the coalition. She steers everyone in the right direction and makes sure all members stay on track to achieving equity. She was one of the founders of the Achievement Gap Task Force at Warde now known as Warde Voices for Equity. She is the president of the coalition and is the co-chair of the Anti-Racism Steering Committee for the Fairfield Public Schools. She attends The University of Phoenix and is majoring in the arts of criminal justice. 

"I am no longer accepting the things I cannot change, I am changing the things I cannot accept." 

-Angela Davis

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Our Mission

The Fairfield Equity Coalition is an alumni and student led organization taking local action to reimagine Fairfield's definition of what constitutes a comprehensive education.

Our goal is to push for equitable policy and curriculum changes within Fairfield Public Schools while raising awareness on injustices against marginalized populations within our community. 

Our Goals 

Each month the Fairfield Equity Coalition has a goal. These goals range from projects, presentations, or just simply educating ourselves more. We need everyones support in achieving these goals so that we can move closer to achieving equity!

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We are on Indigenous Land

all of my relations .webp

Listen to All My Relations podcast, which explore relationships to land, to our creatural relatives, and to one another. 

The Fairfield Equity Coalition acknowledges the sacred land where we work, live, teach, learn, and build community, which has been a site of human activity for 13,000 years. This land is the Uncoway, home to the Wappinger, Pequonnock, and Paugussett Peoples, who have stewarded this land for hundreds of generations. 

We recognize the repeated violations of sovereignty, territory, and water perpetrated by invaders that have impacted the original inhabitants of this land for 400 years. We extend our respect to citizens of these Nations who live here today, and their ancestors who have lived here for over five hundred generations, and to all Indigenous people. We also affirm that this acknowledgement is insufficient. It does not undo the harm that has been done and continues to be perpetrated now against Indigenous people, their land and water. 

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