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Promoting Anti-Racism and Racial Equity in Fairfield Public Schools Report

Our 10 actionable changes provide an outline for our "Promoting Anti-Racism and Racial Equity in Fairfield Public Schools" report. 

Our full length report outlines our 10 actionable changes that detail a wide array of educational reforms focused on racial equity, from curriculum improvements to changing disciplinary practices. 

Our report at-a-glance is a quick summary of our full length report which outlines our 10 actionable changes. Take a look for a quick read.

The following spreadsheets contain all of the survey responses that were collected and have been analyzed by our team. This data is also embedded in our report above. 

On January 6th, 2021, the Fairfiled Equity Coalition presented the Promoting Anti-Racism and Racial Equity in Fairfield Public Schools Report to the Board of Education. 

Actionable Changes

Actionable Changes 

Actionable Change I

Ensure curricula for all grade levels prioritizes cultural and racial diversity by amplifying representative perspectives and experiences of historically marginalized groups.

Actionable Change II

Implement mandatory anti-racism, implicit bias, and restorative justice training led by independent professionals for all faculty and staff on a frequent and ongoing basis.

Actionable Change III

Implement mandatory presentations, courses, and training across all grade levels where students will learn about the social construction of racial and cultural identity and its influence on themselves and others.

Actionable Change V

Redesign the pathways to success to meet the needs of all students and ensure that race, socioeconomic status, etc. will not predict any student’s educational outcome.

Actionable Change VII

Create an explicit, district-wide anti-racism policy and establish a community-based restorative justice committee to prevent and repair harm in cases of discrimination and harassment in FPS.

Actionable Change IX

Create a permanent, diverse committee of trained students, parents, faculty, and relevant professionals to inform Fairfield Public School’s future curricular and policy decisions relating to race and equity.

Actionable Change IV

Recruit, hire, and retain racially diverse, culturally competent school faculty and staff.

Actionable Change VI

Reimagine discipline systems by shifting towards restorative practices and invest in resources that will support and empower students. 

Actionable Change VIII

Develop opportunities for cross-cultural and cross-racial collaboration through extracurricular activities within and outside of the Fairfield community.

Actionable Change X

Establish a detailed, measurable plan for implementation of the actionable changes of this report and maintain a direct, transparent channel of communication regarding progress.

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